Stories of people just like us

AustraliaI am going to tell about a girl and her first time to Australia. She was age 16 at the time when she went to high school. It must have been quite a shock to her.  She stated, “for one year and live with a host family I was completely over the moon with everything — and I mean everything!”. It must be amazing to travel and want to get to know how the culture is also at the same time in shock.

Just like her story there are many people who travel and get to know different cultures. Traveling is fun and a great experience. I like her did not know anything about being Hispanic until I went to  Mexico for the first time. Just like her there are plenty of amazing stories.


The difference between cultures

Italy Culture

I want to show you how Italians act and talk. Every culture is different and language is a part of that. Gestures are huge way of telling us what is okay in that culture. This way one does not end up in Jail.

Japan Culture

Japan culture is very complex to learn and understand. Some of the basics of that culture is :

  • Harmony is very important in the Japanese culture
  • Facial  appearance is very important
  • Wait to be told where to sit
  • Japanese is the sixth most spoken language

Advice for when one goes to visit these places. 


Mexico is where I learned about my culture. I was about probably about 5 years old when I went to Mexico. Mexico is such a spiritual place field with lots of belief and faith. If your feeling down this is the place to go and relax. Everybody is alive and makes you feel welcome. Above all us Mexican know how to value family. They put family first.

Viva Mexico

Ingredients for Chicken Enchiladas

I had promised to share on  my website Mexican recipes that I am used to making alot for my family events so the next time you might have a family event you might try using this Mexican recipe at your home.


1 lb of chicken

corn tortillas

Roll up the corn tortillas to their sides

Add sour cream filling in the Enchiladas

Last but not least add green tomatoe sauce in the top

Put it in the oven for at least 350 degrees.

Add some rice to side or any salad of your choice.


That is about it that summons up this recipe enjoy this homemade recipe.